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Web Design Process

Full service in web site design & development


Design Process

After the initial meeting where we agree to terms of our services, and scope of the project, we then sit down with you and discuss your goal of creating web design icona print piece.
We will discuss concepts, and marketing approaches that you have used in the past, and what techniques you are planning on using in the future.

Once we have a thorough understanding of what your goal is, we can construct some ideas and concepts that we brainstorm.
After your approval of the concept we continue the design process with several tests of sample groups, until we are confident that the piece will reach its intended audience.

Depending upon your budget and your needs, we can discuss the best solution for you

1. Analysis & Consulting
  1. Consultations of marketing experts and business analysts
  2. Organizational analysis
  3. GUI usability analysis


2. Informational design
  1. Functional requirements analysis
  2. Informational architecture design
  3. Project documentation


3. Content creation
  1. Localization (major European languages)
  2. Copywriting (major European languages)
  3. Digital photography & video shooting
  4. Scanning & processing of illustrations


4. Interactive design
  1. Creative idea
  2. Logo design
  3. Web site branding concept (homepage mockups + inner pages)
  4. Interactive presentations, intros and add-ons (Macromedia Flash)
  5. User interfaces for web-based applications


5. Development
  1. Content management systems (CMS)
  2. Customer relationship management (CRM)
  3. B2B & B2C e-commerce solutions
  4. Web-based applications and modules
  5. Database design and programming
  6. Integration with on-site databases
  7. Legacy systems redesign


6. Maintenance
  1. Consultations on marketing and technical aspects
  2. Content creation (copywriting, illustrations)
  3. Content updates management
  4. Visitor statistics analysis
  5. Data recovery